Weed Butter

Weed Butter Recipe

How to make weed butter 

Weed butter is easy to infuse in a crockpot or standard stovetop pan, but it takes time, effort, and the willingness for your home to smell like weed for a few hours. Also, you’ll need roughly an ounce of marijuana shake, a pound of unsalted butter, and a cheesecloth. We have a complete rundown and recipe for weed butter available here to help get you started. If you already have a favorite brownies recipe, you can just swap in this butter, and you’re good to go.

Weed Butter

Twenty-six states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana in some form. While we’re still a long way from total legalization, enough of our fellow Americans can legally get high, so it’s well past time our culture stops being so precious about weed.

Instead, it’s time we talk about the important issues. It’s time we talk about how to make weed butter.

How to make weed butter

For far too long, weed edibles have been something of a joke outside of weed connoisseurs. In movies, they’re always treated as a weaponized form of getting high, and we’ve all heard the recording of the cop who ate too many brownies and thought he was going to die.

But here’s the thing: Weed edibles are fantastic if you use them responsibly. Your body metabolizes THC differently when eaten instead of smoked, which is why the effects of a marijuana edible can freak people out when they take too many. So, moderation, guys.

When it comes to edibles, weed butter is probably where you should start.

Weed butter recipe

Like many recipes, this one was handed down through word of mouth. I was taught it by a hippie in Chattanooga, Tennessee, who was traveling through when I was in college. I think his name was Jeff. That I can’t remember is a testament to the recipe.

It has been product tested in the kitchen (many times) and works wonderfully. For the best results, use a slow cooker, but a pot on the stove works if you watch it carefully.

You will need:

  • 1 pound of unsalted butter
  • 1 ounce of ground marijuana
  • several cups of water
  • cheesecloth
  • refrigerator-safe glass dish

Making weed butter

1. Turn your crockpot on low. If using the stove, turn your front burner on low and place a pot on the burner.

2. Add one cup of water and one pound of unsalted, pure dairy butter to your crock pot. Buy the best butter you can. Treat yourself. The water will help keep the temperature of your butter even and keep your weed from scorching and developing a bitter taste.

Weed Butter

3. One the butter starts to melt, add your ground marijuana. If you live in a state where pot is legal, go to your dispensary and buy the highest quality shake it has to offer. The goal shouldn’t be to get obliterated but to have a good time. To save money, save your premium flowers for smoking. Many dispensaries sell shake, even high-quality shake, at a discount, and it saves you time grinding up an ounce of pot.

Weed Butter

4. If using a crockpot, cover your pot and step away, checking your mixture every 30 minutes. Your butter will need to cook for eight to 16 hours, depending on how strong you want it. If you see the water start to completely evaporate, add another cup of water. Stir your mixture whenever you check on it. Reading good book will help pass the time.  If your pot is on the stove, stay next to it the whole time you’re cooking. Sorry. You should have used a crock pot. The good news is you’ll only need to let your butter and water mixture simmer for around three hours. Continue to stir occasionally, adding water when too much evaporates. The longer you let the butter simmer, the stronger the butter. Again, just make sure you stay next to the pot the whole time to ensure it doesn’t boil.

Weed Butter

5. When your mixture is done cooking pour it into a glass refrigerator safe container using a cheesecloth to strain out the plant matter. Pyrex is ideal, but use whatever you have around the house. The cheesecloth is nonnegotiable.

Weed Butter

6. Once you’re done straining, squeeze the cheesecloth to make sure you’ve drained out every last drop of that wonderful butter into your dish.

Weed Butter

7. Cover your dish with a lid or plastic wrap, place it in the refrigerator, and let it cool overnight. While your butter is cooling, the water will separate from the fat in the butter, raising the butter to the top of the dish and leaving the water at the bottom.

Once your butter has cooled, carefully cut around the edges of the butter and remove your now-solid goodness from the dish. Drain out all the water at the bottom, and then put your butter back in a new dry, airtight, sealable dish. Your butter should still look like butter, with perhaps a slightly green tint depending on how long you cooked it.

Congratulations, you took the first step to baking edibles! Your butter will last up to two months but will start losing potency after a few weeks. The good news is, that means you have an excuse to use it. Spread it on your toast, put it in your brownies, make cookies with it, go nuts. Just remember the secret of marijuana edibles: You can always eat more, but you have to wait to get less high. Give yourself a few hours before you even consider going back for seconds. You might be surprised at when and how your body reacts.

Remember, the body metabolizes THC differently, so a smaller dose can impact you harder than taking hits from a bowl or in other words, it’s OK to use half pot butter, half real butter in your recipes if you’re worried about losing your mind.

Weed Gummies

Weed Gummies Recipe

How to Make Weed Gummies

Weed Gummies

Once you’ve mastered the basics of cooking with marijuana, like making weed butter or baking pot brownies, it’s time to move onto advanced techniques. Weed gummies are a popular choice because they fit in a little bag, they’re delicious, and their small size makes dosing a breeze.

You won’t be able to use your weed butter to make your weed gummies because your treats won’t set. Instead, you’re going to need a little tincture, which is a concentrated extract of cannabis, usually in the form of alcohol.

If you live in a state where medical marijuana is already legal, you’ll be able to skip an important step in this recipe: making your tincture. Just go to your dispensary, buy a few ounces of it, and then stop by the grocery store for your food needs and get started. But if you like doing things yourself, here’s how to make a marijuana tincture.

How to make tincture


To make your tincture, you’re going to need time, weed, and booze.

You will need the following:

  • 1-quart jar
  • 1 oz of activated cannabis
  • Everclear, vodka, or vegetable glycerine if you don’t drink

Step 1: Activate your cannabis, also known as decarboxylating. Raw cannabis has no psychoactive components, which is why you need to cook or smoke it to get high. You won’t feel a thing just from eating a raw nug.

Preheat your oven to 225 degrees F. If your oven tends to cook hot, set it to 200 degrees F. Line a baking tray with parchment paper and evenly line the tray with your ounce of broken up pot. Make sure it isn’t too crowded so the heat can evenly distribute. It’s OK to do this in two batches. Cook your pot for 50 minutes. If you’re in no hurry, set the over to 200 degrees F and cook it for a little closer to 80 minutes.

When your pot is done, you’ll notice its color will have significantly darkened. Congratulations. You’ve got activated cannabis.

Step 2: Fill your quart jar with your activated pot and then pour in your liquid, leaving about an inch of space at the top of the jar. We prefer to use Everclear, but vodka also works well.

Step 3: Put the lid on your jar, place the jar in a dark cabinet, and walk away. Leave it for at least two weeks or up to a few months if you want an absurdly potent tincture.

Step 4: Test your tincture after two weeks. If it’s strong enough, strain out the plant matter and pour your resulting mixture into dropper bottles. Put some on your tongue, in your tea, or, even better, make yourself some gummies.

Caution: Tincture is incredibly potent. It’s a concentrated form of cannabis with a very high THC level. Use caution with it and be responsible.

How to make weed gummies

Weed Gummies

You will need:

  • 1 ½ cups of 100 percent juice fruit juice (pulp is fine just make sure its 100 percent juice)
  • 4 tablespoons of gelatin (Unless you’re vegan, use grass-fed gelatin.)
  • 3 tablespoons of raw honey
  • 3-4 teaspoons of your tincture depending on how strong you want your gummies
  • Gummy molds (If you have Amazon Prime, there are plenty of options for under $12.)

Weed Gummies

Step 1: Put your juice in a medium sauce place over low-medium heat. You want your liquid to get warm, but you don’t want it to boil. When your juice is warm add your tincture.

Step 2: Add your gelatin, slowly whisking it into your mixture until it is thoroughly blended into the juice. If you see any grains keep whisking until it has dissolved completely.

Step 3: Taste your mix. If it isn’t sweet enough for your liking add raw honey, one tablespoon at a time until it reaches your ideal sweetness.

Step 4: Carefully pour your mixture into your gummy molds, cover them, and let them refrigerate for 3-4 hours.

Step 5: Take them out of your molds and marvel at what you have created. Eat one gummy, and wait an hour. This will give you a general idea of how strong each treat is for future dosing.

Step 6: Store your gummies in a sealed container in your fridge until you’re ready to eat them. For maximum effect, eat them within two weeks of making them.

You have now mastered the art of making your own homemade weed gummies. Remember, you can always take more, but you can’t take back a high you already have.

Weed Brownie

Weed Brownie Recipe

The best weed brownie recipe

A guide to eating and making delicious edibles.

Weed Brownie

Marijuana can be responsibly enjoyed in many forms, from vaporizing to smoking to topical lotions. But for many, the easiest method of dosing legal or medical marijuana is simply eating it and if done right, it can be delicious. Edibles offer a wide range of options, allow users to experience the effects of THC slowly, and they don’t require you to know how to smoke.

When it comes to marijuana edibles, there are some things you need to know before you get started. For starters, it’s important to remember that your body metabolizes THC differently than when you consume it by smoking or vaporizing it. Dosage may be smaller with an edible than with a traditional smoking method. The length of time it will take for an edible to metabolize in your system will depend upon how much you have eaten that day and your metabolism.

Because of this, it’s wise to start slowly when consuming pot brownies or any other form of marijuana edible. It’s always easy to eat more, but you’ll have to wait it out if you take too strong of a dose. When making your butter, the strain of marijuana you pick will impact the effect that your brownies will have. A Sativa strain will give you a more exciting creative and energetic feeling, while an Indica strain will make you more relaxed. Both strains can severely ruin your day if you eat too much of them.

Weed Brownie

The first real decision you need to make is whether to make weed brownies from a box or from scratch. When it comes to making pot edibles, we suggest making your treats from scratch. The quality will be higher, and frankly, you’ve already made a financial investment. Treat yourself and do it right. Box mixes also normally require you to use oil instead of butter.

How much weed for brownies?

The better question is how much weed should you use in making weed butter because that’s the real difference maker (and we’ll get to that shortly).

You wouldn’t be making pot brownies or cookies if you didn’t want to get high, but that doesn’t mean you want to get wrecked. If you want your butter to last longer or keep yourself from accidentally taking too much, use less butter. If your recipe calls for a 1/2 cup of butter, use 1/4 cup of your pot butter and 1/4 cup of standard butter.

This method is useful if you have friends who are snaky, might not think about dosage, or if you simply want to be able to enjoy a whole brownie without worrying about the dose. Just because a high is stronger doesn’t mean it’s better. Use your discretion.

Weed Brownie

How to make weed butter 

Call us old-fashioned, but we recommend using weed butter as opposed to different oils. There are too many variables at work with the oils, making it difficult to know what to expect when you’re finished. (If you disagree, well, you can just watch this how-to video of Martha Stewart and Snoop in the kitchen. Or you can wait until after your brownies have set in. It’s great either way.)

Weed butter is easy to infuse in a crockpot or standard stovetop pan. It takes time, effort, and the willingness for your home to smell like weed for a few hours. Also, you’ll need roughly an ounce of marijuana shake, a pound of unsalted butter, and a cheesecloth. We have a complete rundown and recipe for weed butter available here to help get you started. If you already have a favorite brownies recipe, you can just swap in this butter, and you’re good to go.

Weed brownies recipe

The recipe we have included for butter is a smooth and flavorful one, but you are still going to taste pot in your brownies. Depending on if you are bothered by that flavor or not, you may want to add frosting to your brownies at the end of the cooking process.

  • 1/2 cup of pot butter (Remember, if you want to make a weaker batch simply use a 1/4 cup of weed butter and a 1/4 cup of traditional unsalted butter.)
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1/3 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup of all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon of salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 2 eggs

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Grease a pan with cooking spray or by lightly coating a paper towel with cooking oil and rubbing it down. You want your pan to be around 8×8 or 9×9 inches, but if you don’t mind thinner brownies, a larger pan can work. Just make sure you check the brownies after 15 minutes instead of 25 or 30.

Mix your cocoa powder, flour, salt, and baking powder together in a mixing bowl and set it aside.

Weed Brownie

Melt your butter down in a saucepan until it is a liquid, being careful not to let it reach a boil. You want your butter melted but not hot.

Mix sugar and vanilla into the butter.

Weed Butter

Add your sugar, butter, and vanilla to the mixing bowl with your other dry ingredients, along with your eggs.

Beat the mixture in your mixing bowl until your mixture is velvety.

Pour the brownie batter into your baking pan.

Weed Brownie

Put your brownies in the oven, and let bake for 25 to 30 minutes. Play a record while you wait.

When your brownies are done, allow them to cool so you don’t burn your mouth. Serve them to friends you love dearly, and remember it’s unethical to dose your enemies.

Weed Brownie

If you choose to frost your brownies, feel free to use any major brand store-bought frosting. Any stoner can tell you that Better Crocker and Duncan Hines have been doing great work in the frosting field for years and deserve your support.

Just make sure marijuana is legal in your state or you have a prescription before you get started.

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