NUSHOP POS and Online Ordering System Partners with Star Micronics Print Technology to Revolutionize Profitability & Productivity for SMB Restaurants and Retailers

When it comes to point of sale (POS) and online ordering technology, it can be difficult for small and medium sized businesses (SMB) to compete with the resources of large chain competitors. Gone are the days where it was enough to have an in-store POS system. In today’s omnichannel marketplace, it’s imperative for restaurants and retailers to have a website. Not only that, but consumers have come to expect the convenience of online ordering. For SMBs, the costs (not to mention the time) to keep POS and online ordering technologies functioning seamlessly, are dizzying.

This is precisely what motivated Ali Bakhtiari, a software engineer and former restaurant chain owner, to establish NUSHOP Online Ordering System. Now a global provider of managed, cloud-based POS and online ordering systems, NUSHOP offers the functionalities of enterprise grade technology at an affordability that’s ideal for SMBs.

The Situation

NUSHOP offers the latest functionalities of POS systems and online ordering used by corporate competitors, to businesses of any size at a fraction of the cost. With modules for both the food industry and any kind of retail business, NUSHOP sets up a tablet POS system and website for under $1,000, and then provides software and maintenance support of both for only $100 per month. This removes the burden of management from store owners, who now can focus more time and energy in running the business instead of running technology.

The NUSHOP’s cloud-based system automatically processes online orders, sending them directly to both your business’ in-store POS and order printer. The system can support an unlimited number of printers and cash registers for both single and multiple store locations. Consumers can select options for pick-up or deliver, and the system automatically sends the orders to the ideal location for delivery based on zip code. Best of all, store owners have peace of mind knowing that the entire system can be restored in a matter of minutes should a major issue arise.

For NUSHOP’s system to provide greatest efficiency and profitability for its customers, the right printing technology would be essential.

The Solution

The NUSHOP team partnered with Star Micronics for the technology that would provide the sophistication and processing power required to complement their streamlined POS and online ordering software. This included Star Micronics’s cloudPRNT software, as well as two printer models, the TSP650II and TSP700, and two cash register models, the CD3-1313 and CD3-1616.

CloudPRNT allows for cloud-connected control of peripherals enabling printers and cash drawers to speak directly with NUSHOP’s server, saving time, increasing effiency in order processing, and significantly decreasing the chance of error.

Both the TSP650II and TSP700 printer models have the ultra-high class-leading reliability and performance ideal for high-volume retail and restaurant establishments. With lighting fast print speeds of 60 RPM (receipts per minute), rugged construction, and thermal printing that withstands damage from heat and spills, the Star Micronics’s printers provided all the functionalities necessary for dependability and enhanced workflows.

Star Micronics’s printers were coupled with the cost effective and durable cash drawer models CD3-1313 and CD3-1616. The CD3 series integrates seamlessly into retail and restaurant environments, particularly where counter space is at a premium, and enhances the appearance of your POS terminal.

The Results

NUSHOP customers find that once their domain name is setup and product photos approved, the NUSHOP system and Star Micronics cloudPRNT software can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Star Micronics printers and cash drawers are operational in seconds, needing only to be plugged into an electrical outlet.

Back office training can be done in less than an hour, and customers appreciate the ability to assign different roles to employees regarding what they can or can’t see or do within the system.

For the NUSHOP team, Star Micronics’s specialized technology supported their overall vision to provide a managed POS, website, and online ordering system that allowed SMB’s to gain a competitive edge against corporate chains, while improving productivity and profitability.

“With this system you can compete with the big names in the industry. Most large corporations spend millions of dollars on their POS and online ordering system and its functionalities. By utilizing the NUSHOP system you can have all those functionalities and more for a fraction of the cost,” said Ali Bakhtiari, NUSHOP CEO and Founder. “We offer an inexpensive system with the most functionality, worldwide. This is with the help of Star Micronics unique cloud printing system.”


ISV: NUSHOP Online Ordering System

Industry:  Managed POS and online ordering systems for food service and retail

Products:  cloudPRNT software, TSP650II and TSP700 printer models, and the CD3-1313 and CD3-1616 cash register models

Solution: NUSHOP POS and online ordering integrated with Star Micronics cloudPRNT software, printers, and cash drawers